In my last blog post, I teased something about a podcast being in my future. Well, it’s now a reality! For as long as I can remember, I’ve always thought it would be fun to have my own radio show. How could I imagine that someday people would be able to play whatever show they wanted whenever they wanted! And that producing your own show would be technologically possible! It’s a dream come true.

Back in October I met with Michael Yoder of Truth Work Media in South Bend to bounce around ideas. It didn’t take long for me to have the epiphany. I’m already traveling around to meet my Twitter friends — I might as well interview them. And since all these friends are also supporting Pete Buttigieg as a presidential candidate, we might as well talk about Pete! Thus, Twitter Travels for Pete was born. My goal is to capture the grassroots energy across the country for Pete Buttigieg.

With Michael as my consultant and producer, I purchased a portable recording device, four microphones, and a cord splitter. Each guest would use their own earbuds. Michael trained me on how to use the device and then I recorded my intro and outro segments and chose my music. Then it was time to record episode one: Homebase – Minnesota with four guests. Next it was on to Des Moines Iowa with 1000+ Pete Barnstormers, culminating in the big event at the Wells Fargo Arena where all the Democratic candidates spoke. Episode three was an interview with one of my South Bend friends for the local viewpoint. And last weekend I went to Washington DC to record Episode 4, pictured above.

Susie Young at Heart has tried to stay apolitical, but since all of my travels right now are related to the Pete campaign, I had to make the choice: stop writing my blog or keep on writing about travel and friendship with the backdrop of politics. I obviously chose the latter. Even though my podcast is very politics-focused, the focus of my blog will always be on friendship. I hope you’ll check out Twitter Travels for Pete. If you like it, please subscribe!