It’s happening all over again, folks. I just can’t resist making friends online and then meeting them in person. This time it’s on Twitter. Twitter, I’ve discovered, is what you make of it. When Novel Friends came out on Amazon, I set up a new Twitter account for Susie Young at Heart: @susieyoungheart. Unlike my original Twitter account, this one would be zero percent political.

When creating my @susieyoungheart Twitter account, I had to think of who I was going to follow and who I would like to follow me. I wanted it all to be positive and uplifting. Thanks to the Twitter algorithm and my daily interactions, that’s what I got! Now I have many lovely Twitter friends, all positive and uplifting, especially my dear English friend, Sarah.

I’m not sure when I first came across Sarah on Twitter, who our common contact was, but I do remember being struck by her welcoming and giving nature as she did her daily themed tweets, encouraging us all to participate. It was impossible not to like Sarah. I especially appreciated how she shared her life with us since I tend to be equally as unguarded.

How exciting that Sarah invited me to stay the weekend at her house in Hampshire on her birthday weekend a couple of weeks ago. The photo at the top is the moment we met at Heathrow. It’s funny how neither of us was an ax murderer or terrorist or 50-year-old man. We immediately hit it off, so I can vouch for that aforementioned Twitter algorithm!

Sarah was the consummate hostess throughout my stay right from the start: a breakfast basket with coffee and juice for the car ride, gift basket and slippers in my room, and even a travel size gin and tonic kit with collapsible wine glass. I was also graced with the presence of her two lovely dogs: Bosie and Mo, although rarely at the same time since together they were a bit too much excitement. I enjoyed meeting Sarah’s husband and teenage son and chatting about life in our two countries.

Sarah arranged for me to visit the village school and talk to the children about my book. Apparently I was a celebrity because I was an author. From America.  I didn’t know how I was going to make it all relevant to 9-11 year olds, but I easily donned my teacher hat and focused on the writing process. The kids were adorable and very well-behaved and even asked for my autograph! I will always remember that experience.

Saturday was the day we were going to meet up with two other Twitter friends in London for afternoon tea. Delia and Sharon had already met each other and got together on a regular basis, but neither of them had met Sarah yet. Or me, for that matter. Delia had made arrangements for tea at the elegant Amba Hotel near Charing Cross station.

It was truly a beautiful moment when the four of us met there at Charing Cross. I do believe there were tears. And flowers. And small gifts. Guess what? Delia and Sharon were also positive and uplifting women. As we enjoyed our luxurious afternoon tea together, we had the revelation that we all shared a similar outlook on life – we were all optimistic with a true affection for people.

I have so much more to say about Sarah and Dee and Sharon – too much for a blog post. So I’ll just have to put it in my next book. I have a feeling this is the beginning of another adventure. You see, there are other Twitter friends I want to meet, so many interesting, beautiful people. Funny how my first adventure, Novel Friends, has led to this next adventure.  Coincidence? I think not.