Last weekend, my friend Mary and I made our usual trek up to the North Shore of Lake Superior. This has been going on for about 35 years, and in our early days, we camped. Now in our advanced age, we’re cabin ladies, but still with many traditions to follow.

Mary and I ALWAYS eat at Betty’s Pies in Two Harbors on the way up to the cabin, ordering either 5-layer chocolate or lemon angel pie for dessert. We ALWAYS go to Grand Marais, and while in Grand Marais, we ALWAYS do the same things in the same order – starting with donuts at the World’s Best Donuts and ending with dinner at the Angry Trout. The next day we ALWAYS visit Temperance River. But most importantly, for breakfast each day, we ALWAYS have Mary’s Eggs.

With all of our fun traditions, it’s almost as if we don’t need to talk about what we’re going to do next! Still, we try to add something new each time, and this year we certainly did something to shake things up. We made a cooking video! Remember Mary’s Eggs?

I assumed my usual role as sous-chef and set out all the ingredients for Mary, but this time, I had my cool new camera ready to make a video. Mary, luckily, was game for this. I kept the camera on each step of the cooking process while she narrated each step – of course I had to add my two cents along the way!

And the finished product? Almost as delicious as the eggs themselves. But you’ll have to wait a little to see the video because it’s going to be on my Susie Young at Heart You Tube channel, which will be launched soon. I don’t want to lead with this amazing cooking video, so I’ll sneak it in when you least expect it! Keep your eyes peeled.

Update: Here’s the YouTube link