“Sue Ann’s book was a delightful read from beginning to end. Her words made it possible for me to travel with her vicariously and experience the people, the fun and the emotions that she experienced as she traveled to meet the women of the Lexicon. She had already bonded with these women online but she felt compelled to strike out to meet the people behind the written words. It was great fun to read about each trip which helped solidify each relationship. The women of the Lexicon met in cyberspace but their friendships transcended beyond that. This book is about the exploration of friendship. I loved the ride…Thank you Sue Ann for taking me along via this book!”

—Mary K., Analyst

“I know it is an old cliché, but when I describe Already Susie I say, “I couldn’t put this book down!” It is an adventure for all women, but I especially could relate to the author’s midlife changes. I found myself immersed in the story which took me on a journey of her adventure with laughter and amazement. After becoming involved on a message board with one common love, the Twilight series, Susie initiates her own adventure of meeting online friends in person. This book is entertaining and reveals how our changing Internet world can be a catalyst for women to develop true and deep friendships which go beyond posted messages on a discussion board.”

—Mary L., Nurse

“Already Susie is a multifaceted book that brings its reader on an unexpected journey—a journey which allows the reader to come along with their own latte in hand! Though a feel-good read full of fun and humor, this memoir also brings insights to inspire and encourage women of all ages. As Susie recounts her whirlwind trips connecting with people across continents, building relationships on and off the net, you’ll feel part of the experience too. I know this reader did!”

—Claudia H., French Teacher

“In this beautifully written memoir, Susie makes a real adventure of meeting women whom she met on an internet forum. I was impressed by her statement that many people visit different cities and countries and meet people along the way, but she does it very differently—she visits people and gets to see interesting places along the way. Reading the book, I sympathized and rejoiced with Susie as she went on her adventure. I just love her subtle humor as she talks about new friends, beautiful places, delicious food, and unforgettable experiences such as singing karaoke. I see a lot of useful advice in this book on how to find new friends and get out of a depression—how to change your life. In general, this book gives a feeling of lightness and light, joy and inspiration.”

—Olga K., Russian Teacher