If only my Twitter friends lived nearby! How often I’ve wished that. Well, my wish has been granted. By some miracle, I’ve discovered that one of my Susie Young at Heart Twitter friends just happens to live in the Twin Cities area. I had no idea!

My first clue was when, in the dead of winter, I came across snow pictures oddly familiar to the ones I was posting. Wait a minute! No one else was having such a rough winter. Hmm…. where does this person live? I clicked on April’s profile and saw MINNESOTA. I was further intrigued when I noticed that her banner photo was of a local flower show. In fact, I had taken a similar photo myself when I was there!

Of course I had to share my photo with her and that began the sort of interchange only locals can have. “Are you going to Art in Bloom at Mia?” I asked.  “I knew you lived in Minneapolis by your photos of Minnehaha Creek and Lake Harriet,” she said. Wait. She knew I was a local before I knew she was a local! She was just respecting my privacy I guess. Little did she know that Susie is not particularly private.

We started exchanging direct messages on Twitter about the Art in Bloom flower show at the Minneapolis Instutite of Art. Maybe we would be there at the same time and could catch each other. As it happened, we missed each other by a couple of hours. But that planted a seed. Maybe we could actually plan to meet at the the museum sometime.

And so it transpired that April and Susie, Twitter friends, met in person at Mia for the fashion exhibit,The Art of High Style: Minnesota Couture 1880-1914. It’s always a little bit awkward meeting an online friend for the first time, but in my experience that awkwardness fades almost immediately once you get talking, which we did over coffee at the museum cafe.

How fun to be able to merge my two worlds – my Twitterverse and my local life. April and I talked about our common Twitter friends, but mostly we talked about our lives – growing up, how we met our husbands, where we went to college, what our kids are doing now – using local references. It all comes alive when you know exactly where it’s all happening.

But other than geographic proximity, what do April and I have in common? Thanks to Twitter’s algorithim, you do tend to end up with people who are like you, or at least people you like. April is in my Anglophile Twitter group. She loves anything English, especially making scones and having them with clotted cream and jam for afternoon tea. She loves Jane Austen. She loves traveling in the UK. In addtion, she loves art. We have all of that in common. And now, we have location in common. We’re going to have a lot of fun together!