Some of my aquaintances refer to me as “Susie Friendship” once they hear about my website and blog. I have to admit it’s fairly accurate. Friendship has been central to my core for as long as I can remember. Is this because I’m a sociable extrovert? Maybe. But that’s doesn’t explain why I like making new friends. I already have an extentsive network of friends to fulfill my social needs – why am I still drawn to new friendships?

As a child, I was always looking for a playmate, and when the neighbor kids weren’t around, I resorted to playing with my dolls and stuffed animals and my imaginary friend, Betty Bricks. I couldn’t wait to get to school to see my friends, both real and potential. Yes, everyone was a potential friend in my mind. I loved it when a new girl came to our school because she could be my new friend.

I’m convinced the perpetual need to find new friends was because I had no sisters. None. My older brothers were off doing stupid boy stuff and didn’t want to play with me. Had I been introverted, I might have been totally content to sit alone and read books all day, traveling to fantasy worlds in my head. But I needed a playmate, and with no sisters around, I needed friends.

You would think I’d outgrow this need for friends, but since I still don’t have a sister, I haven’t. I have a great need for sisterly companionship, and even though I’ve already found it tenfold, I still look for more. I guess old habits die hard. It’s part of who I am, my modus operandi.

This explains why I made so many online friends – my Novel Friends memoir – on the Twilight Lexicon a few years ago. It also explains why I’m still making online friends today, this time on Twitter. Whenever I come across someone interesting and kind, I can’t help wanting to get to know them better. And as I get to know them better, I find myself wanting to be their friend. Their real friend. It seems I’m almost incapable of not doing this.

So if you’re ever wondering why Susie needs even more friends when she already has so many, it’s because she was the only girl, no sisters. The need for a sisterly playmate is deeply rooted, and when she offers friendship, it’s real.