The old adage, “Dog is Man’s best friend” surely is true. Many of you know that already, but now I have firsthand experience. Say hello to our new rescue dog, Jojo. She is my son David’s dog, but since he still lives with us, Jojo is the family dog, and I’m Grandma. Jojo is just one year old and full of spunk. She loves all people and all dogs. (She takes after her grandma, don’t you think?)

As is typical with young, energetic dogs, Jojo leaves a trail of destruction when we leave her alone inside, and outside, she is continually challenging us as she escapes by jumping over fences and squeezing through small spaces. David has given her the nickname Frisky Houdini.

But how can you get mad at such an adorable creature, one who shows you such unconditional love? Not for long anyway. Forgiveness comes quickly.

It makes me think of those close friendships we have, especially those long-term relationships. We’ve developed unconditional love, and if, by some unforeseen circumstance one of those friends inadvertently offends us, we find it in our hearts to forgive. And they forgive us too. Thank God for that!

And Thank God for dogs like Jojo who remind us how to love.