I’m so excited to launch my new Susie Young at Heart website! My designer Chris did a fantastic job, didn’t he? All the same features are still here but just easier to navigate. Although I will always have a special place in my heart for the original website I designed in 2014, I am ready to move on to bigger and better things!

Unfortunately as we switched from Weebly to WordPress, only 100 blog posts transferred and none of the comments transferred. Never fear! I still have a record of all 200 blog posts and made screen caps of the comments. As a self-proclaimed purist, I will gradually be re-entering anything that’s missing. I want to honor the Susie Young at Heart history.

Why the new website, Susie? Because after a hiatus, things are starting to move at a breakneck pace now. I’ve published my memoir, Novel Friends as an ebook on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. A paperback version will be available in coming weeks.

Soon I’ll be starting up my YouTube channel where I’ll be talking about my friendship experiences and interviewing friends of all kinds. I’d love to interview YOU. It should be an exciting adventure. I’ve got a brand new camera ready to go, so… lights, camera, action!!

Stay tuned! (literally and figuratively)