The end of August is always bittersweet for me. In June and July those long summer days seem to stretch out endlessly, but all of a sudden, it’s dark at 8:00 pm. Where did the summer go? I had so many plans, and I thought I had so much time, but now time’s up. It’s back to school next week. I guess that’s the sweet to the bitter.

Do any of you have the same regrets this time of year? Big plans in June and then in late August a feeling of unmet expectations? Maybe it was your garden, a home improvement project or travel. For me it was getting together with friends, old and new. I can never get enough of those summer evening cocktails and outdoor coffee dates. Oh – and don’t forget ICE CREAM.

But you know what? I’ve gotten pretty savvy in my old age and I’ve realized that this is a repeating pattern. I feel the same way every year. Hmm… And it’s OK every year. Yes. Whatever I do in the summer, whatever I “get accomplished” is ENOUGH. A pessimist might see only what was missed. A neutral view would be that it is what it is. But the optimist in me says – What a marvelous summer! And it’s more than OK.

What did you NOT get done this summer? Whatever it is, it’s more than OK.

Thoughts? Please comment!