Coffee. I love coffee. I also love chatting with friends and making new friends in coffee shops. Even if I’m on my own, I’d rather go to a coffee shop than stay at home because there are people there. People I can talk to, people I can meet.

I love getting my Starbucks grande latte because the baristas are so very extra friendly there, especially at my neighborhood Starbucks. I’ve made friends with a few of those baristas and that’s where I met my friend Barbara a few years ago.

Since there’s plenty of coffee drinking to go around, I don’t limit myself to Starbucks. I also frequent independently owned coffee shops in my neighborhood as well, each with its own special ambience. Dunn Bros, Patisserie 46, and Sovereign Grounds are a few of my haunts.

Coffee dates are a great way for me to catch up with my friends and get to know new friends. If only there were more days in a week! I love how a simple meeting can do so much for your well-being. One coffee date has the potential to motivate, inspire, and entertain you, all at once.

Don’t fret, tea drinkers! The word ‘coffee’ in this sense is an umbrella term meaning ‘beverage of your choice’, as you probably already know. But it’s the social meaning that is more important–Let’s get together and have a chat!

Now that that’s cleared up–
Let’s meet for coffee sometime!