Sue Ann Rawlins, Writer

I’ve always been a connector. With an innate need to reach out, I not only want to meet people, I want to connect them with each other as well. Sometimes I don’t even know I’m doing it, but it’s always been a part of me.

In elementary school I remember being so excited every time there was a new girl in school because I wanted to make friends with her. Later on that would evolve into welcoming the new girl at work, in choir, and on my street. Now as an adult education English teacher, meeting new people and building community is part of my job.

So it should be no surprise that upon joining an online group I’d do what I’ve always done—reach out and connect to people. How could I meet people online and not try to make friends? How could I not try to meet them in person when I had the ability to do so? (My husband’s flight benefit through Delta Air Lines made that possible.) It would have been stranger had it not happened.

Once the adventure started, it took on an other-worldly feeling as if the entire experience were completely out of my hands. Whether this was God’s presence, being at one with the Universe, or destiny, it was supposed to happen.

Of course it wasn’t just about me. I joined a community of women who had already been making connections with each other. Sure, I instinctively nurtured this diverse community as I did in my classroom, but things really changed when I started meeting them in person. I’d broken through the internet divide to the real world, and once that happened, there was nothing stopping our community from going live.

This other-worldly experience has taught me to expand my definition of friendship, to remove all limits. How often do we discount a possible friendship because of differences in age, background, or location? Every time we limit the potential for friendship we are not only cheating ourselves, we’re cheating someone else—that would-be friend.

Friendship can be found in the most unexpected places—if you open yourself up to it. That’s what this website is all about. Taking chances on friendship. Thank you for reading!

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